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  1. 小学四年级英语下册考试试题

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      s___th 南方 sp___k 讲 c___l 酷的 Th___sday星期四 watermel___西瓜


      People speak English in the USA. 艾米会打鼓。

      Her hair is longer than Tom’s. 美国人讲英语

      They went to the park yesterday. 她的头发比汤姆的长。

      Daming fell off his bike. 他们昨天去公园了。

      Amy can play the drums. 大明从车上摔下来了。


      1、______are they? They’re my friends.( who what)

      2、My mother ______ rice yesterday.( cook cooked)

      3、Tom is ______than Lingling. (good better)

      4、We ______have a picnic tomorrow.( will are)

      5、The Summer Palace is very______.( famous naughty)


      Xiaowei:Hello,Xiaogang.What did you do last summer?

      Xiaogang:Iwent to visit my cousin.He lives in WashingtonD.C.It’s in the east,We had a good time there.

      Xiaowei:Oh ,that’s great.Did you take pictures?

      Xiaogang: Yes,look ,this is my cousin ,Jim.He’s clever.He’s older than me.

      Xiaowei: what does he like?

      Xiaogang:He likes pop music,He can play the guitar.And he’s better than me.

      1、( )Xiaowei went to W ashingtonD.C. last summer.

      2、( ) WashingtonD.C. is in the east.

      3、( ) Xiaogang is older than Jim.

      4、( ) Jim likes Chinese music.

      5、( ) Jim can play the guitar.


      I’ll play with my friends On Monday.

      My father didn’t watch TV.


      一. 根据要求写出相应的单词

      1. wide(反义词) 2. go(过去式) 3.sheep(名词复数) 4.cheap(反义词)

      2. 5. match(第三人称单数) 6.big(反义词) 7.child(名词复数)8.do(第三人称单数)

      二. 介词填空 from, in , of, on, to

      1. The capital ______ America is Washington D.C.

      2. This planet is far_____ the sun.

      3. The birds live ____ the tree.

      4. New York is ______ the east of America.

      5. Shanghai is _______ the south of Beijing.

      三. 选词填空

      rings, planet, bag, postcard, stars, hot

      1. The sun is big and______. 2.There is lots of _____ in the space.

      3. The earth is a _____ that moves around the sun.

      4. This planet has got three beautiful _______.

      5. The mother kangaroo has a special _______ for her baby.

      6. I will send you a ________ from Beijing.

      四. 将对话补充完整

      A: Where did you go, yesterday? B: We ____ to a computer shop. A: Did you buy a new____? B: No, I didn’t. It was ____ for me to choose. Some were powerful______ very expensive. Some were cheap but not beautiful.

      五. 根据实际情况回答问题

      1. Do you like koalas? Why?

      2. What are you going to do this summer?

      3. Where will you go this weekend?

      4. Where do you live?

      5. Who is your English teacher?

      6. Who is your good friend?

      六读句子,写出反义词.1.The man is not old. He looks very____.

      2.The girl was ____ then. But now he is_________.

      3.My brother was short but now he is_______. 4. This computer is very

      expensive. I will buy one because it is_________. 5. I will give this big apple to my mother and the _______apple is for me. 6. This river is very narrow and dirty, But it was________.


      I’m Lingling. I like traveling(旅游). On the summer holiday, I went to Australia with my parents. We lived in Sydney. It is a beautiful city. We saw a lot of flowers. We also saw some

      Koalas and kangaroos, Koalas were very cute. Kangaroos jump on their back legs. Mother

      Kangaroos have special bags for the babies. I like Australia. And we will go to London next


      1. When did Lingling go to Australia?_____________________________________

      2. Where did they live?____________________________________________

      3. How do the Kangaroos jump?____________________________________

      4. Does she like Australia?_____________________________________

      5. Where will they go next year?__________________________________







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