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  1. 小学四年级英语上册期末试题

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      笔试部分 (70%)


      ( )1. A. long B. fat C. tall D. fan( )2. A. apples B. pies C. oranges D. mangoes

      ( )3. A. his B. her C. me D. our ( ) 4. A. hair B. nose C. sock D. eye

      ( )5. A. doll B. ball C. toy D. ballon


      1. 还要别的什么_________________2. 只有十三元 _________________

      3. 一把伞______________________ 4. 试穿短裙____________________

      5. 那些机器人__________________ 6.一条短尾巴_______________________

      7. meet in the rain_________________ 8. 一些高个子男人___________________

      9. live near the river_________________ 10. in summer___________________


      ( )1. I’d like ______ pair of shoes.

      A. these B. that C. those

      ( )2. His eyes _____ small.

      A. am B. is C. are

      ( )3. –Who’s the woman with____ hair? – She’s my _____.

      A. tall; aunt B. long; uncle C. long; aunt

      ( )4. We _______ thirty yuan.

      A. has B. have C. are

      ( )5. _________ is the cake?

      A. How many B. How much C. How nice

      ( )6. ---___________ ---I’d like these dolls, please.

      A. Here you are. B. What do you like? C. Can I help you?

      ( )7. How many would you like?

      A. Five yuan. B. Five, please. C. I’m five.

      ( )8. Look at my brother. ______hair is long.

      A. His B. Her C. This

      ( )9. ______ are the socks?

      A. How much B. How many C. What

      ( )10. You can _____ them on. You can _____ them all.

      A. take, put B. try, buy C. have, try


      I Ⅱ

      ( )1. What do you like? A. Twenty.

      ( )2. How many fans do you have? B. Sure.

      ( )3. Can I have a look? C. I like cats.

      ( )4. What would you like? D. I can swim.

      ( )5. How much is it? E. Twenty yuan.

      ( )6. What can you do? F. I’d like some fans.


      A: Welcome ________ my snack bar. Can I _______ you?

      B: Yes. I’d _______ a c__ __ and a glass of m_ ____.

      A: What ________ you?

      C: I want a ______ of coffee and two s___ ________.

      B: How __________ are they?

      A: _____________ yuan in all.

      C: Oh, they are very cheap. Thank you.


      1. I’d like two cups of tea. (对划线部分提问)

      _______ ______ you like?

      2. The grapes are seventeen yuan. (对划线部分提问)

      ______ _______ _______ the grapes?

      3. We have two orange toy elephants. (改成单数句)

      ______ have _____ orange toy ________.

      4. your, small, are, mouth, but, eyes, is, your, big (.)




      A: Tim, what’s that on the desk?

      B: It’s a picture of my family.

      A: Wow, how nice! Can I have a look?

      B: Sure. Here you are.

      A: Who’s this tall man?

      B: He’s my father.

      A: Is this your cousin?

      B: Yes, she’s my cousin, Jane. Her eyes are big and her mouth is small

      A: She’s beautiful. This is your brother, I think.

      B: Yes, you are right. His nose is big.

      A: Where are you?

      B: Look, the boy with two big ears is me.

      A: Haha, how cute!

      ( ) 1. This is a picture of Tim’s family.

      ( ) 2. Tim’s father is short.

      ( ) 3. Jane has two big eyes and a small mouth.

      ( ) 4. Tim’s brother has a small nose.

      ( ) 5. The boy with two big ears is Tim.


      A: Good afternoon .Can I help you?

      B: Good afternoon. I’d like these stickers.

      A: How many would you like?

      B: How nice! I’d like fifteen. I think my sister will like them.

      A: Anything else?

      B: Some rubbers, please.

      A: Sure. The white ones or the yellow ones?

      B: The yellow ones, please. How much are they ?

      A: They’re twenty- seven yuan in all(一共).

      ( ) 1 The customer (顾客) would like some stickers and rubbers.

      ( ) 2 The customer buys the stickers for her brother.

      ( ) 3 The rubbers are twenty-seven yuan.

      ( ) 4 The customer buys fifteen rubbers.

      ( ) 5 The customer buys the yellow rubbers.



      喜欢动物 跟我来 看一看

      What about you how nice like horse

      十三只猴子 我的新家 那只老虎

      In the tree these mangoes make a toy panda

      试一试 过来看 多少张桌子

      Don’t sleep under the desk 打篮球


      gilr(对应词) these (对应词) is(复数) bus (复数)

      too(同义词) they’re(完全形式) is not(缩写形式)

      do not(缩写形式) can’t (完全形式) thanks(同意词组)


      1、 ( ) This is mango,that is apple。

      A、a a B、an a C、a an

      2、( )that is a tiger,do you like ?

      A、tiger tiger B、tiger tigers C、tigers tiger

      3、( )I have toy cars, do you have toy cars,either?

      A、some some B、some any C、any some

      4、( )would you like cakes? -

      A、Yes,I am B、Yes,please C、No,I don’t

      5、( )This is a cake grapes 。

      A、for B、to C、with

      6、( )It’ time bed。

      A、for B、to C、with

      7、( )I a student。

      A、am B、is C、are

      8、( )I can’t skate ,my brother can’t skate, .

      A、too B、to C、either

      9、( ) do you have? -I have some pens。

      A、Where B、What C、How many

      10、( ) is my pencil? — I’s on the table .

      A、Where B、What C、How many

      11、( ) balls do you have? —Four

      A、Where B、What C、How many

      12、( ) are you ?I’m ten。

      A、How old B、What C、How many


      1、That is a tiger。(改成否定句)

      2、 That is a tiger。(改成一般疑问句)

      3、Are these pandas ?(肯定回答)


      4、This is a box。(改成复数形式)

      5、I can play basketball,too。(改成否定句)

      6、My mother is in the living room 。(对划线部分提问)

      7、I like toy dogs。(改成一般疑问句) ?

      8、The books are the desk . (对划线部分提问)

      9、My sister has ninteen books. (对划线部分提问)

      10、Would you like cakes ?(作否定回答)



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